The artistic glass factory FERRO & LAZZARINI is located in Murano – just a few steps from the famous San Donato Basilica.

Following the premature death of Eugenio Ferro in 1947, the glass factory was managed by his young heirs. From thereon, Giovanni Lazzarini became more involved in the company’s activities and the name was therefore changed to FERRO & LAZZARINI S.R.L.   As of 2001, FERRO & LAZZARINI S.R.L. is managed by Dario Ferro, one of Eugenio Ferro’s direct descendants.

The glass factory was founded on 18th August 1929 by Eugenio Ferro in partnership with Giovanni Lazzarini and was initially called FERRO EUGENIO & CO. Its first creations were artistic glass objects and Venetian chandeliers.